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I was coming into town from CA to visit fam and friends in Virginia and I wanted to make my visit home also a little getaway/vacation as well! I found this cabin and it was absolutely perfect!! Johannah, was such a joy to work with and so accommodating and helpful with everything! My friends, fam and I sat out late on the porch enjoying music and talking, enjoying the wilderness surroundings and privacy, we hiked around the gorgeous property and found this beautiful field full of flowers, it was right next to hanging rock, so spent lots of time on the sandy beach at hanging rock and enjoying the beautiful hikes! Right next to Danbury so enjoyed tubing one day! The kitchen was perfect, so I was able to stock up on groceries and cook, have my morn coffee, etc. Also, The Green Heron up the street is the BEST place to go for live music, an ambiance right on the river and food and drinks!! Had the absolute best time ever!! My next visit back I will be sure to book Innisfree (and i will be sure to book some horseback riding and ziplining TOO)! Loved it so much, not only was it the perfect location but it added fun vacation and peace to my visit!! Thank you guys so much for such a wonderful vacation!! See you all next time!!

Jen July 25, 2014

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