We offer an intimate, exciting, adventuresome venue for corporate retreats. Surrounded by stunning vistas of North Carolina mountains, views stretching miles, and our private trails to the gorgeous Dan River, we are one of the most unusual and lovely locations for business, family, church, or wellness retreats in NC. Our comfortable meeting room accommodates up to 40 people.

For team-building activities there are varieties of options that can be included in your customized retreat package. Your company you may choose from any or all of our morale boosting outdoor fun:

Hiking and nature walks on the 1,000 acre Wilderness Preserve
Kayaking and tubing on the Dan River
Zip lines at Carolina Zip lines
Ropes Courses at Carolina zip lines
Camping on Singletree property or Hanging Rock State Park
Fly-fishing on the Dan River
Target shooting at Singletree
Skeet Shooting at Singletree
Mountain Biking – Moore’s Springs Trails
Rock Climbing at Hanging Rock State Park
Swimming in the Dan or Hanging Rock Lake
Golfing – Hemlock Golf Club

During the day your staff will be treated to beautiful views of Moore’s Knob and the Saura Mountains as well as the Appalachian mountains, while at night in addition to an incredible array of stars that the secluded retreat affords, the staff might just find that corporate impasses melt into the ether around the outdoor fire-pit which tends to lead to frank and unguarded conversation.

If you are interested in invigorating your staff and giving them a healthy wholesome getaway, then the organic meals and natural beauty of Singletree will fit the bill. In fact, the Singletree mystic has a history of bringing about positive change. It has been known to transform souls, male, female and corporate alike. Call now to reserve Singletree for your rustic retreat and find out just how much fun a company getaway can be.