Our tagline “…always an adventure” is a double entendre of sorts. Adventuring is our state of mind at Singletree Gun & Plough. Not only is it an adventure when one is out and about fishing, hiking, canoeing, climbing, biking, hunting, etc. It is often equally an adventure just to stay with us, as many of our previous guests will attest.

Consider the time the electricity went out in an ice storm and we burned through all the wood trying to keep the Lodge above teeth chattering temperatures. (We have a generator to run the water pumps, lights etc, but not the furnace) So after burning through all our wood, our guests pitched in and helped us split logs for the next few days! (Hey we didn’t ask, they offered!) I swear everyone was disappointed when the heat finally came back on. They all claimed it was best vacation ever and return yearly.

Or the time there was a tornado warning and for some reason we all became convinced our destruction was imminent. We piled into an interior bathroom and promptly got locked in. Fortunately one of our genius guests had the great forethought to bring his bottle of libation in with him which he gladly shared. We were eventually rescued by another guest who vowed he had been out enjoying the violent storm (likely hiding under a bed was our summation) and heard us loudly singing Three Dog Night songs.

Or once when the temperature dropped to Antarctic levels so our water pipes froze and some of us sat under the house trying to thaw out the pipes with hair dryers and heaters. Some guests joined us down-under with hot coffee and chocolate. When our dear plumber arrived he busted out laughing at the party going on under the house. Now that is the true adventuring spirit we appreciate!

We won’t go into any hunting adventures as we have a tacit agreement with our hunting clientele, we won’t tell on you, and you don’t tell on us.

Singletree Gun & Plough… always an adventure!

For those whom these stories make you recoil in horror, might we politely suggest we may not be what you are looking for…