Hanging Rock State Park Activities

Hanging Rock State Park has a plethora of must see views and fun activities for the whole family. When you stay at Singletree, you will be near all that the park has to offer. Singletree Lodge and cabins are only 2 miles from the state park with amazing views. Hanging Rock State Park has miles of beautiful forest, cascading waterfalls, rocky mountain peaks, and sheer cliffs.

If you enjoy hiking, there are 12 trails covering 18 miles of woods and mountains. The trails lead you to multiple cascading waterfalls, high rock cliffs, and a mountain cave, providing you with breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the rolling hills of the Piedmont. If hiking is not an option for you, but you still wish to see the views, there is a short wheel-chair accessible trail that leads to a beautiful mountain overlook.

Water lovers will enjoy all the activities offered on the lake. You can fish from the shore, the pier, or from a rental boat for bass, sunfish, and catfish (you’ll need a fishing license if you’re 16 or older). Canoes and rowboats are available for rent daily June through August and on the weekends April through October. There’s also access to the Dan River on the north side of the park for fishing, paddling, and tubing. Private boats are allowed on the Dan River but are not allowed on the lake. The lake also has a swimming area with a bathhouse available during the summer months.

The beautiful rocky cliffs at Hanging Rock State Park provide climbers with a great place to scale the mountainside. Cook’s Wall and Moore’s Wall are a series of 400 foot cliffs that span for 2 miles. There are places for advanced and novice climbers and rappellers. Before climbing, you must register with the park office for a permit at no cost.

There are two picnic areas with a total of 60 picnic sites and 15 grills. One area is at the Window Falls and Indian Creek trailheads. The other is on a hillside overlooking the lake. Shelters are available for rent. There are restrooms and water access nearby.

Besides all of the wonderful outdoor activities, the exhibit hall gives you the opportunity to appreciate the park and history behind it while remaining indoors. There are hands-on activities to learn about the plants and animals living in the park. Several geology exhibits are available to show the types of rocks you will see at the park and explain the science behind how the rocky cliffs and mountains were formed. You can also learn about the Saura Native Americans who lived in the area hundreds of years before it became a state park. The Sauratown Mountain Range is actually named after them. You could spend hours learning and discovering in the exhibit hall, and it’s the perfect way to spend a rainy day during your vacation.

With all the things to do at Hanging Rock State Park, a vacation rental from Singletree puts you in the best place to enjoy all the park has to offer. Stay at the lodge or rent a cabin of your own, whatever suits your needs.

NC Mountain Rentals

If you are looking for a cabin to rent in the North Carolina Mountains, Singletree has cabins that are near Hanging Rock State Park. Singletree’s cabins are closer to the park than any other rentals in the area. Though their locations are rustic, the interiors are modern and comfortable. The cabins are nestled within the trees just a spitting distance from Hanging Rock State Park.

Each cabin has two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Rocking chair porches provide a place to relax and take in the serenity of the wilderness. They are heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. All linens are included. The kitchen is fully equipped, including coffee maker. An outdoor grill is available as well. Renters have exclusive access to walking trails leading to the Dan River. When you rent a cabin you also have rights to the lawn and fire pit at the main lodge.

The cabins are conveniently located close enough to Hanging Rock to take full advantage of all the activities available there. There are 12 hiking trails totaling 18 miles of the park. Some trails are steep mountain paths and others are low near the lake and creeks. On the lake there is fishing and boating, as well as a swimming area with bathhouse. There is also access to the Dan River for boating, fishing, and tubing. Rock climbing and rappelling is another popular park activity. The exhibit hall gives you the opportunity to learn about the natural and cultural history of the area. It’s a great place to be if the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor activities.

Another unique activity near the Singletree Cabins is ziplines. Carolina Zipline Canopy Tour offers two hour zipline tours that give you a bird’s eye view of the forest and wildlife. There are over a mile and a half of cables making 22 different lines. You will feel a rush of adrenaline as you zip down the lines, giving you the sensation of flying through the trees.

Cabins can also be rented for hunting excursions. Singletree offers hunting guides to expertly lead you through the woods in pursuit of deer and turkey. The guides have hunted in the area for generations and know the land well. Because of the unique landscape, hunting at Singletree will be unlike any hunting trips you have taken before.
Directly across the street from Singletree Gun and Plough is the Dan River Company for kayaking and canoeing. They offer shuttle services and rental kayaks and canoes. You can also bring your own. They provide life jackets and paddles, as well as transportation to and from the river. Instruction is available as well.

Singletree Gun and Plough cabins are the best rentals in the area. Their close proximity to all of the activities at Hanging Rock Park and the surrounding area make them ideal vacation spots. They offer the best combination of rustic location and modern amenities. Come and enjoy the majestic mountains, rocky cliffs, and lush forests of North Carolina.

Hunting Near Hanging Rock State Park

Singletree Gun and Plough offers a unique hunting experience that is unlike any other hunting lodge. Although hunting is not allowed within the borders of the state park, Singletree’s land borders the park and includes five miles of riverfront land. The wildlife know no borders, so hunting game is in abundance. Because there is no hunting allowed in the state park, there is no competition, no concern that the wildlife will be gone. The terrain varies from high mountain peaks to low creek beds, sheer cliffs and deep hollows. This is not the typical hunting experience you will find at other lodges in the nearby area.

The usual game hunted at Singletree are deer and turkey during their respective seasons. Singletree recognizes the important role that hunters play in controlling the wildlife population. In order to preserve the wilderness, only limited hunting excursions are available each season. The ecological equilibrium of wildlife is delicate, therefore hunting needs to be regulated and monitored so that there will still be game to hunt for years to come.

The hunting guides are local residents who come from many generations of hunters and have hunted in the area for years. Their level of experience is what makes hunting excursions unique and successful. Whether its deer or turkey you are hunting, these hunters know how to find them and give you many opportunities to bring some home.
After a day out hunting you’ll be ready to relax. The Inn has all the comforts you will need. Warm up by the fireplace, relax in the library with a book, or catch the game on the big screen TV. Unwind with some billiards, cards, or chess. Enjoy the extensive porches and the outdoor fire ring. The Inn has 6 bedrooms, but usually no more than 3 at a time are booked to ensure privacy. If one large group is coming together, all of the rooms may be filled.
If you’re looking for a hunting experience you will always remember, come to Singletree Gun and Plough. You’ll enjoy beautiful views of the landscape while in pursuit of deer and wild turkey. Follow deer tracks along flowing creeks and spot turkey from mountain ridges. The beauty of the land makes your experience more than just a hunting trip.